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Strategies for Responsible Business

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EPIC prides itself on bringing to bear the battle-tested skills, knowledge, understanding and attitudes necessary to help bring out the best in people as they work together to develop responsible solutions to common problems.
  • Systemic, it addresses root causes, considers all points of view, and remains true to purpose.
  • Rigorous, it employs a proven methodology, considers all viable options, and is outcomes-based.
  • Essential, it works from a fundamental philosophy, employs essential human capacities, and addresses problems with multiple intelligences.
  • Empathetic, it considers culture, perspective, and interest in understanding the context of the problem, the dynamics of the decision-making process, and implementing solutions
  • Principled, it has a strong sense of purpose, values, and vision in its problem-solving, planning, action, and program evaluation.
  • Timely, it effectively, efficiently, and responsibly develops and implements long-term solutions—in time and on budget.

Its current emphasis is helping to build a better world, one organization at a time, through corporate responsibility programs and community-driven development.

  • Through a rigorous stakeholder engagement model (on balance value) and corporate responsibility program materials, we help organizations meet the challenges of corporate responsibility at all levels of their identity as an enterprise.
  • The benefits to organizations for striving to meet these emerging global standards are many:
    • Contributing to human dignity and realizing human potential
    • Healthier communities meeting common problems through liberal democracy and market economies
    • Recognition as an industry and/or market leader
    • Demonstrated leading edge practices
    • Added value to/from key relationships
    • Enhanced corporate reputation
    • Improved transparency and relationships with key stakeholders
    • Reduced overall risk profile, e.g., damage to reputation, regulatory action, litigation
    • Improved compliance with national laws, regulations, and industry norms

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